Doug Orleans (dougo) wrote,
Doug Orleans

Things to do

Sometimes people ask me what I'm going to do with all this free time during my funemployment. Let's count:

Gmail inbox: 638
Gmail Tasks: 32
Saved for later in Feedly: ~1000
Pushbullet: 53
Instapaper: 68
Open tabs in Chrome: 9
Dropbox/TODO: 32
AK Notepad "Todo": 21
AK Notepad "Music to check out": 25
AK Notepad "IF game ideas": 3
Other notes in AK Notepad: 3
Open issues in Bitbucket IF Comp '11 project: 35
Open issues in Github Wordsearch project: 7
Other unfinished projects in Github: 8
Netflix My List: 81
HBO Watchlist: 6
Youtube Watch Later: 9
Goodreads to-read shelf: 26
IMDb Top 250: 96
IFDB Wish List: 36
Boardgamegeek Want To Play: 159
Amazon Wishlist: 399
Bandcamp Wishlist: 35 Upcoming Events: 24
Geocaching To Do List: 11
Steam Wishlist: 15
Google Play wishlist: 12

It feels like a full-time job just to keep these numbers from increasing!

Also, I should really consolidate some of these lists. Now, which list should I add that task to...
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